Chikankari Indo Western Dress

Chikankari is an traditional art form from Lucknow, India. We generally see traditional outfits made from this Hand Embroidery.

As the changing fashion today, demand of western outfits increased, so the redefining of traditional Chikankari Embroidery is made in modern western fashion trends.

Nowadays, Indo-Western dress is trending in the fashion world. Due to the specialities, style, and up-to-date design fashion conscious youth love Indo-Western dresses. 

Fashion is fast-paced and dynamic. Globalization has brought a revolutionary change in the fashion culture in the country. People are now western-fashion oriented. 

They prefer various types of modern and beautiful western dresses. And in the fusion of western and Indian fashion culture and style, a new class dress has been designed which is called Indo Western dress. 

Indo-western dress reflects both western and Indian fashion styles and cultures at the same time. 

Unique Features of Indo Western Dress 

Chikankari Indo Western dress is one such distinctive style of dress that is trending nowadays among the fashion-conscious youth. Chikankari is a traditional embroidery style of Lucknow in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India.  

Chikankari is an artistically done hand embroidery applied to various fabrics including muslin, chiffon, silk, net, etc.

Due to the popularity of chikankari, and various fashion styles, Indo Western dresses are being designed on the basis of Chikankari embroidery. 

The white chikankari Indo Western dress looks very gorgeous, and it conveys the dignity of the embroidery culture and industry of Lucknow. However, to meet the fashion trends, Chikankari Indo Western dresses are being designed in different colours and styles. 

You must love Chikankari Indo Western dresses. Here we bring you 3 different types of chikankari Indo Western dresses which will surely grab your attention.

3 Best Types Chikankari Indo Western Dresses 

#Camisole Chikankari Cotton Top (White) 


This is an amazing Lucknowi Chikankari Spaghetti cotton top that shows the fashion and quality of the dresses. It enhances your fashion look and personality. The outfit is typically designed with traditional Indian Chikankari embroidery in Indo-Western style. 

The outfit’s length is 30-inch. The white-coloured cotton top is very comfortable to wear. In the summer season, the dress will be compatible with the scorching heat all day long. 


The Chikankari Indo Western dress is made in peplum style with strap style which enhances the look of the top. You can customize the straps as per your comfort. The white top is well-elasticated from the back which ensures the proper fit of the dress with the body. 

The top is designed with a round neck style with straps at the front, and a straight elastic style at the back. In front of the beautiful top, you will find elegant chikankari hand embroidered style adorned with mukaish work. 

The dress is of trending fashion which is able to meet the latest fashion needs of the users. 


The top is made of 100% pure cotton which ensures utmost comfort when wearing it. The finely textured fabric is super supple and breathable. The top will be the perfect choice for summer fashion. 


 The white top is gorgeous and elegant. It brings street-style fashion. You can wear it as a casual dress with black or blue jeans, and for the evening outing, you can wear the outfit with peplum palazzo, dhoti, or Patiala pants.


You can easily wash the dress by both hand and machine. It won’t shrink or fade after washing. However, we would recommend you handwash it to extend the life of the outfit.

#Lucknowi Chikankari Top Georgette (Black) 


This Chikankari Indo Western dress comes with an alluring look and design that will surely grab your attention at a glance. The stylish blacktop is designed with amazing craftsmanship with traditional chikankari embroidery. 

The aesthetic dress expresses the latest western fashion with traditional Indian embroidery. Its length is 32 inches. This beautiful black top makes you feel cool, and will also increase your confidence level. 


The transparent top is designed in shirt style which gives a different design to the outfit. It has an attached flap cover in front. Also, the blacktop has a long tail from behind. 

The neck of the outfit is very well-designed in Mandarin collar style, and it has a beautiful button closure which gives it a formal as well as stylish look. Similarly, the shirt is designed with cut sleeves style which will be most liked by girls. You will find this dress in different colours and sizes. 


The unique style of blacktop is made of quality poly georgette. It does not irritate the skin. The texture of the dress is excellent. The super-soft fabric of the outfit ensures great comfort when you wear it. 


The beautiful dress is perfect for your regular office or casual wear. You can use this top with Denim jeans for regular use or you can wear it with trousers, jeggings or skirts. Also, you can pair the dress with bell-bottoms to ensure a casual look. 


You have the flexibility to machine or handwash the outfit. However, it is best to apply handwash for longer-lasting.

#Chikankari Kaftan Georgette (Black) 


This is a beautiful Kurti that comes in an attractive black colour. The Kurti is designed with traditional chikankari embroidery. The outfit expresses the amazing craftsmanship of artisans which makes it a standard chikankari Indo western dress. This is a wonderful Kurti that is influenced by both western fashion and indo embroidery style. 


This is a Kaftan Style Kurta which is very attractively designed keeping in mind the trending fashion. It is a lightweight Kurti, and its standard length ensures your style and convenience. 


The outfit is made of poly georgette which is gentle on your skin. You won’t feel any discomfort when you wear the dress. 


You can use this Kurti as casual wear, or wear it at a get-together party. This outfit will be a perfect match with jeans and jeggings.


To ensure the extended life of the Kurti you need to pay great attention to its cleaning. The outfit is both hand washable and machine washable. But, handwashing is best for the outfit. 


Chikankari Indo Western dress is not that expensive. It will suit your budget.  We would recommend buying Indo Western dresses from online stores. You will find various categories of Indo-Western dresses cheaply there.

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