The Brand

Who We Are?

Hi, myself Akanksha, founder at Nibs Tog.

I was born in Hardoi, a small place near Lucknow & brought up in Delhi.

Chikankari was always in my soul from the beginning.

Limited availability in local markets & lack of differentiation in Authentic Hand Embroidery Chikankari v/s machine Embroidery, fueled my urge to start NIBS TOG.

Gradually, I observed the old traditional designs in the market. In today's era we prefer more fashionable outfits and people are more experimental. 

Keeping this need of people in view, we are trying to redefine the traditional Chikankari Embroidery to design some unique styles with best in trends.


At Nibs Tog, our vision is to make people aware of the authentic hand embroidered Chikankari

And, making the best in trends from the traditional Chikankari Embroidery to add a nawabi taste in your life.


We are thrilled & thrived to work with many small artisans and keep alive one of the beautiful art of India- “Chikankari” which originates from Lucknow and is in India from almost 3rd Century.

Happily working every day to bring unique designs to meet the latest fashion trends with the Traditional Chikankari Embroidery and taking it worldwide.

A Glimpse of Royalty- “Chikankari” & its Origin

The Chikankari is a traditional art of embroidery which came to India as early as 3rd century BC by Megasthenes. 

The most popular origin story credits Noor Jahan, Mughal empress and wife of Jahangir, with introducing chikankari to India

The technique of creation of a chikan work is known as chikankari.

Chikan is a delicate and artfully done hand embroidery, generally done on thinnest fabric.

It involves various processes before it reaches the finished product, processes like Designing, engraving, Block Printing, Embroidery, Washing & then final finishing of the outfit.

The embroidery constraints of different stitching patterns like Ghaas Patti, Shadow work, Tepchi, Keel Kangan, Murri, Phanda, Jaali & many more.

At Nibs Tog, we are happy to support these Local Artisans who are still passing on the traditional chikankari embroidery further to keep it alive and spread it pan India as well as across the Globe.

We give A special Thanks to all our customers who purchase the traditional art forms and handmade products to keep supporting these Artisans and Heritage of India.